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Our Mounted Photographs are built to last by using high quality components and refined photo editing process we can comfortably have your picture retain its quality to give you a beautiful and fine finish. Our prices are pocket friendly and we are able to make mounted pictures of all sizes and also do both photo paper and canvas prints.

Social Media Content Posting is a term we here at New Reflex Studio use to describe a form of online content management where content is managed for the purpose of creating a community around a product, company or issue.
If there is one lesson we all have learnt from our experiences with the COVID19 pandemic is that in any business it is possible to have your entire clientele wiped out overnight and that to rebuild this clientele is very difficult to say the very least. What has become self-evident is that those who had strong online presence are having a much easier time rebuilding that clientele base than those of us who were totally dependent on our more traditional forms of communication. So it has become apparent that building online communities is the future. And we are here to help you navigate to that future.

New Reflex Studio is a company that offers professional  Photography and  Videography Services in Kenya together with Social Media Advertising Management, operating from Kasarani for the last ten years. Producing high-quality products in conjunction with our clients

We offer wedding and corporate photography and videography services in diverse areas including technical and industrial photography, corporate portraiture, we also record, edit and produce videos and pictorial artworks for marketing purposes for Social Media Advertising.

We take a personal approach in our Video Production from initial consultation to final product presentation. New Reflex Studio also offer solutions and creative ideas to achieve the best for your vision.  In Video Production we are reliable, flexible, diverse, and strive to create long-lasting client relationships.  Here at New Reflex Studio make creative use the latest digital technology. We can provide a service that can meet the tightest deadlines whilst not sacrificing quality.