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About Us


Getting great photographs of what is an important event is usually that main reason for hiring experienced photographers. This same reason also applies  for videographers. There are very special moments to be captured during these events.Wither we are talking about a formal wedding or a formal business event there are moments to be captured. There will be moments that can’t be replicated and more than that these are in fact digital assets. Which ought to be stored and treasured. These digital assets can be stored relatively safely with minimum risk of damage or wear.

Our Aim

The sole aim of our experienced photographer is to be able to blend in. To also intuitively get to understand the clients and their briefs.  The result in getting those special moments, looks, actions and reactions is that they will echo back from the future. These Digital Assets are also very useful from a business perspective for marketing activities. We have structured our pricing so that it will fit most budgets.  Check out our prices here

Our Mission

“Our mission is to produce powerful images that impress upon the viewer the size and relevance of Yourself or Function or Business as well as the personality.”

Great Photographs by an experienced photographer

Joseph Mucheke Chege is a experienced and great photographer/videographer with 20 years experience. His experience in corporate video production, video editing, DVD production and portraiture.

Joseph is quick to establish a rapport with our clients and instantly sets them at ease with his professional but easy-going style. As a experienced and great Cameraman, Joseph has a unique perspective.  He understands what works within the confines of the lens and is able to produce arresting and memorable image

Photography and Video Production for Digital Marketing

Mike Amuok has a background in Marketing (Digital Advertising). His expertise is in client liaison, digital photographic enhancement and on location directing.

Mikes experience enables him to interpret the client’s requirements and offer creative ideas to enhance and, in partnership with the cameraman, realize the vision. On location, Mike assists the production in all aspects of the shoot from set-up to directing, and liaises with the client or authorized representative on the day to ensure the interpretation of the brief is accurate.