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After several hours scouring the internet, magazines, and other Social Medias I have to admit that the question of the best- wedding -photographers- in- Kenya is no longer a mystery to me since we do have an array of very passionate, highly qualified, and experienced photographers, therefore, making a judgment on who is the best among them is virtually impossible.  “In Kenya, professional photography was not taken seriously until recently. Wedding- photographers- in- Kenya were regarded as a paparazzi job. Not many Kenyans pursued photography as a professional career. Also the lack of affordable professional gears attributed to low interest in photography as a freelance job. But things have changed. Professional cameras are now affordable and the business in photography in Kenya has risen significantly. Kenyans have embraced and valued the art of professional photography.” but then again the best photograph to one person might not be the same to another and we also do have awards which are awarded yearly from institutions such as |WPJA (World Photo Journalist Association); Mywed Awards; Fearless Awards; just to name a few all of which have a stable of WEDDING- PHOTOGRAPHERS- IN- KENYA  all with such flair and class as can be had anywhere in the world.


on another forum.


  both these links have an extensive and detailed list of the- best- wedding- photographers- in- Kenya their portfolios are very impressive indeed and so there it is if you can afford it and are looking for top-notch photographers here in Kenya particularly in Nairobi I must admit one is spoiled for choice… After all, we do have The-Best- Wedding- Photographers- In- Kenya and as some may claim Photojournalists. In search of this answer to the BEST- WEDDING- PHOTOGRAPHERS- IN- KENYA


I came across an article that had some profound questions that anyone who is hiring a photographer should seriously consider wither it is one of our top-notch photographers or our ordinary on the street next door Photo Studio Shops that dots every town, or village center across our Republic the questions although were original as Tips to Find The Best Wedding Photographers In India

I believe that the principle is still the same and they are if I may paraphrase and say tips-to-find-the-best-wedding-photographers-in-Kenya:

1) You Should contact your Wedding Photographer directly and much early on in your wedding process here in Kenya our weddings don’t begin and end on the wedding day actually it begins with the family negotiations where in some cases consist of a bride price being delivered, to get the best benefit from his or her expertise to engage you to photograph as early as possible then two things will happen

 i.) You and photographer will bond better and he or she will be able to capture some truly remarkable moments!!

ii.) You will have better bargaining conditions if the time of engagement is longer. Normally we tend to delegate this duty through our wedding committees to some obscure member and you only come in to discuss the price…!!! And then get upset when the work comes out poorly…!!! (Can I hear an Amen…!) That is why real professionals will insist on communicating with the principals and getting to understand them exclusively cause no matter how experienced or how great and sophisticated the equipment are the results will be disastrous without the full cooperation and intimate understanding of the Couple.

2.) You should ask where he did learn about photography, this isn’t so much as to question his ability but for to understand where he is coming from is his work experience will directly inform his style, his style and your inherent nature needs to blend…

3,) does the Photographer specialize in? Outdoor Photography or In-door Photography?

Ask him to show his portfolios.

4) Whether he will give a discount because of covering pre- and post-wedding ceremonies or not.

5) Set your budget, and see whether it is going hand in hand with your selected photographer or not.

Do a thorough research and evaluate the rate of professional wedding photographers in Nairobi. You can then compare the pricing and work.

You may also find our pricing here  

And with these few remarks, you too can find-the-best-wedding-photographers-in- Kenya….!!!


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