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Apart from the current Social Media Advertising space, the idea as a business entity of communicating to over 1000 people at once might have been an impossibility just a few years ago but with the growth of the traditional mass media that is Radio, Television, and of course, Print Media ie  (Newspapers and Journals)  and the circulation of these instruments of mass communication helped in making it possible to communicate with huge numbers currently the latest estimates stand as follows;

Daily Nation 170,000 copies

Standard Media 74,000 copies

Citizen TV viewership stands at 1.7million per Hour at Peak hour

KTN TV viewership stands at 800,000 per Hour at Peak Hour

Communicating thru these media does not come cheap in fact it is out of range for most average businesses.

As impressive as all these figures are they are now dwarfed by the numbers such as how many Kenyans have subscribed for a mobile phone.

 According to a mobile report financed and done by Jumia for 2019 as one of Kenya’s largest online supermarket on https://www.jumia.co.ke/mobile-report/

A brief of this report states as follows;

“Kenya with a population of about 51.58M (of which 26.6% are in urban areas or cities), has a penetration of mobile subscriptions at 91% (46.94M). Kenya has a young population with an average age of 18 years with almost three-quarters of the population under the age of 30.

This youthful population has an increasing disposable income & resulting in higher purchasing power

Higher mobile and internet penetration has led to the growth of social media users, currently at 8.20M. Kenyan users on social media will spend close to 3 hours a day on social media, with the most used social media platforms identified as Whatsapp (74%), Facebook (70%) & Twitter (50%), based on users own claimed activity. There are currently 47.6M active mobile money accounts, which accounted for a transaction value of 3.6Bn dollars in 2018 alone; accessed through more than 200,000 agents.

In 2018, 70% of all transactions made on Jumia were done through mobile money and rest 30% through other payment methods including cash on delivery”

The Rise and Rise of Social Media in Kenya

 In 2004 as records show Facebook the original modern Social Media Giant was launched by Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg and some of his contemporaries.  In the 15 years since other Social Media platforms have been launched by other author’s i.e

YouTube; 2005

Twitter:  2006

WhatsApp; 2009

As it currently stands Facebook leads the pack with 2.41 billion monthly active users as of the second quarter of 2019, Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide. In the third quarter of 2012, the number of active Facebook users surpassed one billion, making it the first social network ever to do so. Active users are those who have logged into Facebook during the last 30 days. During the last reported quarter, the company stated that 2.7 billion people were using at least one of the company’s core products (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, or Messenger) each month.


In Kenya, this growth has just been phenomenal in another report by USIU


A new study released on Wednesday 17th July 2019 has revealed that Kenyans form the largest number of social media consumers in Africa.

The study – dubbed ‘Social Media Consumption in Kenya’ – was conducted as a joint partnership between the United States International University-Africa (USIU-Africa) and the U.S. Embassy.

USIU Vice-Chancellor Prof. Paul Zeleza, speaking during the launch, noted that social media has become an increasingly available platform for young people who are using it to create jobs in the digital space.

“The survey sampled 3,269 respondents aged between 14 and 55 from eight counties drawn from Nairobi, Coast, Central, Western, Nyanza, Eastern, Rift Valley, and North Eastern between December 2018 and March 2019,” read the report.

“While most Kenyans use social media to stay in touch with friends and family, the survey found the main reasons they use social media were to access news, politics, and entertainment.”

The report further indicated that most Kenyans aged between 21 and 35 spend an average of three hours per day on social media; further that a majority of Kenyans use WhatsApp (88.6 percent) and Facebook (88.5 percent) as their preferred platforms.


With all these compelling numbers the local business community in Kenya needs to wake-up to this new reality that today’s Kenya is spending an average of 3 hours online per day.

 This translates to 21 hours per week and 84 hours a month.

We can confidently say that the average Kenyan is spending an equivalent of a total of almost 3 ½ days online in a month……!!! So the question is how much of this time is your business engaged with Kenyans in their most popular platforms…..?

Your honest answer to this question should inform your approach to re-accessing how you approach the way you need to interact with customers in the present and future you can look up some of our features on  Social Media Advertising on our website here.

New Reflex Studio is dedicated to bringing you up to speed with these latest developments we will be holding events, Seminars and posting Educative Videos to educate the local communities as to the opportunities that are available on these popular platforms and how to use best practices to communicate through them.


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