Digital Process and Content Creation Made Easy | Tel: +254720694292 or +254722216309 | Email: info@newreflexstudio.co.ke
Digital Process and Content Creation Made Easy | Tel: +254720694292 or +254722216309 | Email: info@newreflexstudio.co.ke


Video and Photography Sessions

Video Production Process

We take a personal approach in our Video Production from initial consultation to final product presentation. New Reflex Studio also offer solutions and creative ideas to achieve the best for your vision.  In Video Production we are reliable, flexible, diverse, and strive to create long-lasting client relationships.  Here at New Reflex Studio make creative use the latest digital technology. We can provide a service that can meet the tightest deadlines whilst not sacrificing quality.

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Video Recording

Video Recording is one of those things that, if not done well, can feel like a wasted expense. When you start meeting with potential videographers, ask to see an example of an entire, edited tape. From this one can achieve the most effective way to gauge the quality of the product you’re going to get. Those that need a recording for a Business item like an advert checking out the edited clips would do. Our offers are uniquely set to fit in most budgets. Check it out and get back to us by filling our form and sending your query and we will promptly respond.


       Videos Online

Concerning the current Govt. guidelines on Social Distancing and the prohibiting of Sunday Services and Weekly Gatherings, we at New Reflex Studio have come up with a unique solution for Recording and Publishing your Sermon Videos online, or making them available for downloading and distribution. We are offering for a limited time only…!! a minimum of 2hrs  recording Session for only KSH. 4500/- to record your prepared Sermons/Testimonials inclusive of this offer we will edit and post the videos on any platform of choice free of charge.

          Tuition Videos Online 

Also under the current unfortunate COVID 19 Pandemic, and as Social Distancing remains a key pillar of keeping infection rates down but as it has become apparent “Social Distancing” has its unintended consequences in all our interactions. We now have to reassess how we interact with each other in business and our social interactions. One of the most affected sectors is our Education System and under the current stipulated regulations, it is practically impossible to have classes, as was the case before the COVID 19 Pandemic. We now need to re-look into how we can re-engage with our students. We here at New Reflex Studio have what we think is a suitable system that can work in the interim period before we can resume some semblance of what would be the new normal. This consists of video recordings of a select number of Teachers giving “How to Lessons” this is the missing link that will supplement the issuance of online classwork. The system consists of a library or playlist of pre-recorded teaching clips, a managed Youtube Channel, and some recording Sessions. The lessons can be controlled and limited access given to specific email addresses only, meaning that access can be charged for.


1) Lessons are shortened between 15 mins to 20 mins and are directed to individual viewers giving a  feeling  of personal attention to the viewer
2) A Teacher can be on hand online to answer questions in real-time.
3) Once recorded the recording can be re-used again and again no need for repeat recordings unless there is a new update.
4) Recording for the Syllabus of an entire Term can be done in a matter of hours.
5) Subjects can be organized in the form of a playlist and sorted according to the relevant classes.
6) Full Control on the release of the individual lessons.
7) With an Aggressive Social Media Advertising program along with a Strategic Pricing structure one can significantly increase the online class attendance to hundreds if not thousands per class; kindly note that your no longer bound by your geographic location.


1) Requires steady Internet accessibility for both the distribution and receiving of the lessons

2) The students or pupils need to have access at the very least to a SmartPhone or a Laptop computer, Desktop computer, or a Smart TV these will be an added advantage. All of the mentioned above need steady internet access during the entire lesson period.

3) Registration is only applicable through email addresses only

4) Some form of Skill transfer will be required for the Teachers using the Syste

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In House Training Offer

We Also Offer In-House Short Courses for  Social Media Management and its Industrial Practice. With over 60 hours of training, quizzes and practical steps that you can follow. In order to be successful with your startup or small business, you must have the ability to proactively go out and find customers. In order to do that, you need to understand modern marketing channels. We’ll cover SEO, YouTube Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Google Adwords, Websites, and the relation with Google Analytics and more!


You should have basic familiarity with social media.
You don’t need to have a product or business, however, it helps.
You will need to have a Laptop.

Who this course is for:

Anyone who has a product they want to sell. (does not have to be online)
Anyone who has a service they want to sell. (does not have to be online)
Anyone who works in Marketing, Sales, or Management.
Anyone interested in learning how to acquire customers.

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